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Release noteiOSAndroid


The ShapeInfo is useful application for calculating shape lengths, angles and area. You can get some calculated values, lengths and angles of the shape, from choosing and entering values to the text boxes on the display.


  • For software developers, mechanical engineers, dynamics engineers and the surveying engineer.
  • For students to study mathematics.

How to use

  1. Select a shape from the list.
  2. After transition screen, you can get calculated values of the shape, immediately after entering values.

Shapes list

You can select shape in the list.


The selected shape is indicated on the display. This app fills remains of values as you input values.

Reset button
-Clear all numerical value on the display.
Settings(gear) button
-App information
-Settings(Decimal Place , Rounding , etc)
-About this app
Orange point
-Specify the input location of the numerical value.
Transition button
-Transition to the solid shape screen.
Next button
– Switch the Orange point which you’ll input values.

Settings(gear) button


Decimal Place
-You can set up to 8 decimal places.
Decimal Separator
-Select below option:
Grouping separator
-Select below option:
・Comma / Point
– Select below option:
・Round Half UP
・Round Up
・Round Down
Reset Settings
-All settings in this app are cleared.

Calculation example:

Find the angle from the length a = 4 and length b = 3 of a right triangle.

Select a right triangle from the list.

Enter [4] for length a and [3] for length b. You can get angle, length c and area immediately after entering values.

Number of digits after the decimal point → “2”
Rounding → “Rounding off”

List of shapes


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